2007 rmz 250 carb settings

As of the last update on our Long Haul RM-Z October '07the bike was scoring particularly high on the fun meter but was in need of a good "freshen" session in the shop. Digging into the motor, Dye found that the piston was looking pretty good but the cylinder showed some areas where the cross-hatching was worn smooth. As a result, he chose to put in a new cylinder to hold the new piston and rings. A small chunk of a clutch plate that had broken earlier in the bike's life had gotten into the channel for the cam bearing; that small piece of debris prevented the cam from sitting straight, which caused wear on the cam and the head.

Dye built and installed a new head. In order to cure the shifting bugs, Dye also threw in a shift stopper spring off of a RM-Z, which he claimed would make the bike shift much more smoothly and with less jumping out of gear. A thorough check of the rest of the bike revealed some blown-out silencer packing and a badly stripped oil drain plug bolt, both of which were fixed before the machine was handed back race-ready.

From practice track days to local races and even a few post-rain rides in the hills, the bike performed excellently no matter what the conditions held. With the jetting still clean and the power holding strong, our biggest complaint sat with the Elka suspension, which had broken in to a stiff, harsh point that seemed to fight most pilots on rough tracks.

2007 rmz 250 carb settings

While many of our pro testers still liked the setup, the jury called for the suspension to be revamped. Thus, we again shipped both the fork and shock to Canada and were much happier with the end result. Aiming for a WORCS-style setup, Elka refreshed and revalved the suspension and set up the RM-Z so that it now rode far smoother in the stroke, with increased settling in the turns to keep things sharp.

It was at this time that we began to receive some of the '08 Fs for testing, which meant that the staff would soon be neck-deep in first impressions with little extra time to devote to the Long Haul bike.

Luckily, most of our expert testers ride every day of the week and are more than happy to bank hours on the Long Haul fleet. Privateer hero Chris Barrett mentioned that he'd like to borrow a F to practice on, so we handed over the RM-Z along with a stack of tires, filters and a case of Amsoil oil.

Here's what he had to say:"With 64 hours on the RM-Z, I was surprised at how strong the motor felt. The bike ripped! I was also impressed with the Boyesen Supercooler, as I didn't have any problems with overheating the smaller-than-I'm-used-to motor.

The newly refurbished Elka suspension still worked like a champ and the whole bike felt really tight overall. Usually when you get to around plus hours on a bike, it starts to feel pretty clapped out-not so for the Suzuki: If you keep up on regular maintenance and don't abuse the rev-limiter, she'll keep running strong for as long as you need.

Even though I race s in Supercross and outdoors, the smaller motor on the Suzuki reminded me to carry speed into corners and keep my momentum up around the track. After two sets of tires on each end, three well-used Ready Racing air filters, four bottles of Amsoil oil and two oil filters, I gave the RM-Z back at 86 hours.

Even with all the riding, the Suzuki never lost much power and still handled like new. From here, we took the well-used machine out for two more solid rides to determine the toll that the hours had taken. Compared to when we had given Barrett the bike more than 20 hours prior, the motor had lost relatively little power, but the engine noise was noticeably up and the clutch was completely toast. Moreover, the all-too-familiar transmission goblins were still causing the Suzuki to skip out of gear on increasingly frequent occasions.

After a final ride and a thorough washing, we rolled the RM-Z into the shop for the last time for its concluding teardown. Seeing as the bike continued to feel great on the track, we decided to only do a motor teardown on the RM-Z, since the chassis and components were still in good shape.

Ripping into the Suzuki's engine, we found a piston that looked fine but was ready for replacement. The cylinder showed the same shiny spots, but Dye had enough experience with the new engine to state that it wasn't a sign of damage, rather it was typical for the model. We used the same cylinder to reassemble the engine, although splitting the cases and removing the crankshaft proved to be a bigger challenge; you need to use a press.

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Our experience told us it was time for a new crank, so we replaced that as well.Lots of people charge for motorcycle service and workshop manuals online which is a bit cheeky I reckon as they are freely available all over the internet. Have something to add? Come and say hi on Facebook. Classic-Aprilia Moto 6 5 Maintenance Manual. Classic-Fantic Classic-Fantic Trial Classic-Kawasaki Z1 Parts Manual pages.

Classic-Triumph T cc -Owner's Handbook. Classic-Yamaha ds7 rd r5c rd Service manual. Harley Davidson - Softail Service Manual. Harley-Davidson SIP.

2007 rmz 250 carb settings

Harley Davidson Softail Service Manual opt. Harley Davidson Parts Manual All cc. Harley-davidson Electra super Service. Harley Davidson Electrical Diagnostics Manual. Harley Davidson Electrical Diagnostic Manual. Harley Davidsonsportster-electrical-diagnostic-manual. Harley Davidsonsportster-service-manual. Harley Davidson Sportster Service Manual. Harley Davidson Electra super Service.

2007 Suzuki RMZ250 Motocross Review & First Impression - Dirt Rider Magazine

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2007 rmz 250 carb settings

Honda 2-Strokes. I'm going to be a Grandpa Latest: sideways Jun 23, Going to college with dirt bike. Need help Latest: Okiewan Jun 22, Sep 11, Joined Sep 11, Messages 11 Likes 0. Hi I'm new to this forum as a registered member, been reading some of the threads. I'm sorry to go right to my problems but I'm desperate! I bought a RMZ that has been standing for 2 years last time started December last yearI'm waiting for new backweel and other ods and ends. I got the motor started and it was backfiring alot, header glowing bright red, almost white hot after only a couple of minutes.

All simtoms point to it running lean exept for the fact that there is black smoke coming out of the exaust intermittently when revving it up. I know some theory about thumper engines but am no mechanic and don't want to open the motor if I don't have to. I think I also have to mention that I have a custom made exaust seems like good quality but don't know about design. Can someone please help and give me some pointers as to what might be wrong already cleaned carb.

Texas SP. Sep 12, Joined Nov 25, Messages 7, Likes Quick Links. Table of Contents. Part No. Page 2 This manual should be considered a permanent part of the motorcycle and should remain with the motorcycle when resold or otherwise transferred to a new owner or operator.

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The manual contains important safety information and instructions which should be read carefully before operating the motorcycle. Page 3 Please read this manual and follow its instructions This manual is presented as a means whereby you carefully.

Your riding skill and the maintenance and NOTE have special meanings. Page 4 You need to prepare for the unex- pected by wearing a helmet and other protective gear, and practicing safe riding techniques to minimize the damage to you and your machine.

May all of your rides on your new Suzuki be winning rides! The engine serial num- ber 2 is stamped on the right side of the crankcase assembly. Write down the serial numbers here for your future reference. Frame No. Exhaust gas contains carbon mon- it properly. Gasoline vapors can catch fire oxide, a gas that is colorless and odorless easily. Use engine oil or transmission SS or equivalent rear suspension oil. For Canada Use only unleaded gasoline of at least 95 octane Research Method.

Page 15 — MEMO — Follow the guideline in the chart. The life of parts varies depending on the riding conditions. Perform more often than shown in the chart if you use the motorcycle under severe conditions. NOTE: Remove the dirt around the spark plug before removing the spark plug to prevent dirt from entering the combustion cham- ber. NOTE: Running the engine without the air cleaner box lid can vary the carburetion.

Do not run the engine without the air cleaner box lid. Cap to the front. Air cleaner box front wall NOTE Wait until the oil drain plug and exhaust pipe become cool enough to touch with bare hands before draining oil. Drain oil thoroughly.

Do not open the radiator cap when the engine is hot. Wait until engine cools.Picture credits - Suzuki. Submit more pictures.

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Compare with any other bike. Displacement :. Compression :. Bore x stroke :. Front suspension :. Rear suspension :. Wheelbase :.


Compare US insurance quotes from the nation's top providers. Compare US motorcycle loan quotes from the nation's top providers. Also check out our overview of motorcycle webshops at Bikez.Compare to other Bikes. Need more info? Handles like a scalpel. Cheap to buy, cheap to fix. Developing Popeye forearms to hold on when it hooks up. If you've only ridden 4Ts, expect a learning curve. This isn't some 4T tractor with lbs of gyroscopic rotating mass right under your balls resisting leaning.

If you've only ridden 4Ts, you will overshoot some corners and stall the engine while you learn how to use brakes with no engine braking to help. Sprained cheek muscles from all the grinning. We don't care. If you're bored riding essentially the exact same bike as everybody else, just in a different color, on the same lines, sounding exactly the same, get a 2T. It'll be a challenge to learn and master, you can take different lines and they'll hear you coming.

And they're cheap. Did I bring up that they're cheap? Don't buy into the four stroke Hoopla, buy one of these. You will not be disappointed. May not be able to run down a on a national track by the top in the sport. But still a fun bike you won't be able to ride without a smile on your face.

Of course, when our engineers get on a roll, there's no stopping them. They've refined the suspension for class leading balance with emphasis on both cornering and straight line performance. Plus, Renthal tapered aluminum handlebars come as standard equipment! The best thing about this year's RM, though, is what stays the same. It still offers a better combination of power and handling than any competitor on the track. And that's a winning combination you can use to take home the gold!

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The application is made up of four tabs that are described next: - Results: in this tab, the recommended main jet, needle type and clip position, pilot jet and air screw position are shown. These data are calculated depending on the weather conditions and the engine configuration introduced in the next tabs. In addition, this tab lets to make a fine tuning adjustment to adapt to a concrete engine. The values of this screen can be manually set or can be loaded by the application reading the data from the nearest weather station from the GPS tab.

Besides, you can enter the oil mix ratio that you're using.

2007 RM 250 jetting

The app is valid for both PRO or beginners dirtriders. Reviews Review Policy. Improved service for obtaining weather information.

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2007 rmz 250 carb settings