Wechat music shake

However, when i took a closer look, WeChat is a very complete app with many useful features not found in most of the other messengers. I am sure you might know the basic features of the app but the extra features which i am going to list out is what makes WeChat different from the rest. One of the feature that i find most interesting on WeChat is the ability to chat with your WeChat contacts on the computer. The function is built into the app itself and is easily accessible by accessing web.

The above webpage would load a QR code which could be scanned with the app. Once the QR code is scanned, the browser would be linked to the device, and every message would be synchronized between your device and computer. Previous chat history would not be shown on the browser but all opened chats would be shown for quick access.

wechat music shake

Alternatively, you would also be able to start a new conversation with your WeChat contacts. Note : This feature is not known by many as it is hidden in the settings, especially for the latest version of WeChat.

Once connected to Web WeChat, you can transfer larger files less than 10MB from your computer to your device.

Large paragraph of text can also be sent with this feature. There is an option to open with another app for unsupported files. It is like a media gallery with whom you share the photos and videos with. This is not a built in function, and would need to be downloaded for free from Apple itunes or Google Play Store. This add-on app would let you change your voice in voice messages. There are 7 different voices as well as 6 different background tracks to choose from.

Send your funny voice messages thru WeChat and give your friends a shock. This one is really fun and is one of my favorite WeChat trick. Ever seen a friend who updated a message in Moments that is similar to a Facebook status update?

Likes and comments apply. It is rather easy to rename any contact in your WeChat list. From the top right hand corner, there would be an additional menu that looks like three dots. WeChat came with many fun social features which are lacking on most other messengers. These features would allow you to look around for people and chat with random users of the app.

This is a special feature which looks around for random people nearby.Wednesday, April 15, Columns Photogenic. Econ Biz insights Corporate. Thailand World.

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A new app will have you texting, sharing photos and more all around the clock without costing a single baht. A user-friendly and free smart phone app that allows you to have fun exchanging text and voice messages as well as cool emoticons and photos with friends, WeChat is available for iPhone, Android, Windows and Symbian OS platforms.

You can link your WeChat account to your Facebook account to find and invite friends to become your WeChat pals. Like other smart phone-based chat applications, the first time you use WeChat, you are required to input your mobile phone number for the WeChat server to verify. You can add WeChat friends simply by shaking your phone.

You and a friend can either bump your phones or shake your phones together to add each other as WeChat friends.

WeChat Shake + iBeacon device

Or shake your phone to find WeChat friends who are also shaking their phones at the same time and whose movements have been registered on the WeChat server. The app also has a function called Look Around. This allows you to see a list of other WeChat users, who are near you so that you can request them to become your WeChat friends. The list is arranged in terms of shortest distance to you and even reports how far each Wechat user is away from you.

Then, your friends can use WeChat on their smart phones to scan your QR code and instantly add you to their WeChat contact list. You can send several types of messages to your WeChat friends. A useful function is to broadcast your messages to several friends at once. There is also a Group Chat function so that you can socialise with several WeChat friends at once.

When you start the Group Chat function, you can select which WeChat friends on your contact list will be invited to join the Group Chat. Apart from chatting in text with friends, you can also send voice messages.

When you have done speaking, release the button to send the voice message and your friend can click on the message to hear it. A fun feature of WeChat is to send funny emoticons to your friends.

There are four groups of fun emoticons that can be selected to use and each group is further divided into sub-groups. You can also use the WeChat to send photos too.

During the test using a Wi-Fi connection, I found that a 8-megapixel photo could be sent very fast. You can also send a video clip, contacts and your current location to your friend while chatting. More in Lifestyle. Pandemic affecting youngsters in unexpected ways, Unicef finds. No Songkran buzz in Hat Yai. The storm inside: How the coronavirus killed Keith Redding.

He saw the flag raised at Iwo Jima; now, at 94, he watches the nation fight a deadly virus. Many men avoid doctors, which can be very risky.

In cities across the world, an unprecedented Easter, lonelier and live-streamed. SET Index slides on worries of recession. Aviation authority extends ban on flights until April Chinese fans are enthusiastic to make the industry successful. It started out as an instant messaging tool back in It caters to a more urban crowd.

QQ Music also offers articles and enables users to watch music videos, concerts, and interviews with famous musicians, including international stars such as Linkin Park. The app has This enabled the service to strike deals with major record labels and allow its users to buy concert tickets through its payment service.

KuWo is an app with a focus on KTV streaming. The App hosts KTV tournaments with cash rewards. It also streams and broadcasts popular talent shows and comedies. KuWo offers a wealth of video content bordering on trashy which users can comment through bullet screens Screenshot from KuWo. Like other apps, KuWo offers song purchases and subscriptions.

It tries to make money with in-app gaming and its own brand of headphones and speakers. What differentiates NetEase Music from other apps is its stronger focus on indie artists, enabling it to compete with internet giants like Tencent and Alibaba. Besides short videos, the app has social features that enable users to interact with performers which have profiles on the service.

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Aside from music, users can listen to podcasts and watch videos. With Recently the service added more niche content by featuring emerging musicians with original creations. It has launched The Undiscovered Nationwide Spotlight music program, a talent search where users can explore and select their favorite out of more than artists.

Xiami Music, with No different to other online battlefields in China, Music Apps will see more intense competition in China Wuhan Coronavirus Live Update.When addressing someone in a WeChat group, it's common to use the function and then search for the addressed person's name or profile through group members' profile, this could be a hassle in large groups or for accounts with names written using symbols or a different language.

Favorites can be used anytime while chatting with your contacts or inside the groups. Face-to-Face Groups. If you are with a group of nearby friends and want to Chat, but you don't wish to add each other to contacts.

Follow the steps in the photo above, enter any 4 digits as a password and let your friends enter the same password to join the Private Group. Another benefit for this group is to create your own group without inviting friends and use it to store useful information and messages. Shortcut to Moments Options.

Secretly See What Your Friends are eading. Probably you never knew about this. Here we go, watch the below guide:. This feature allows to see the articles your friends are reading but not necessarily shared under their moments. Hide Moments Before 6 months. For privacy reasons, you don't wish your new contacts to see all your moments, or to let your potential new gf see your ex-gf, simultaneously, it might be unfriendly to hide all your moments from them or delete all your old moments.

WeChat created a new privacy feature to allow your contacts to see only the last 6 months of your moments. At the time of making this article this feature was only available under iOS systems.

Hopefully soon will be available under Android. Powerful Search. The search scope in WeChat has been widened in latest versions. The Articles search is a very powerful feature, for example you can search for "China Work Permit" and get the most popular related articles in WeChat.

Un-deleting Contacts. In a moment of anger you deleted one of your contacts, later after minutes or hours you regret it, but you are worried of adding the person again to avoid alerting them of the earlier deletion. When you delete a contact, the deleted account can still send you an add request and include a short message multiple times. When you block a contact, you won't receive any alert of add request or message from the blocked account.

To know whether someone deleted you or blocked you, send them a message and watch the reply. Multiple Video Chat. Probably you never heard of this either. As long as the internet speed is sufficient, you can add up to 9 contacts to the video chat.

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Music and TV Channel Identification. For Music identification we could even get the synchronized lyrics of the identified song. Log In Via Voiceprint. With this feature, you don't need a password anymore to log-in. Photo Editor. Before, we needed to use a third-party image editor to do adjustments to the photos before we share under moments or while chatting. The edit tools are user-friendly and include: Crop, color adjustments, color lines, adding text, adding icons, etc.

Author requires users to follow Official Account before leaving a comment. Write a comment.Before we begin, make sure you have downloaded and installed the app. If not, give our step-by-step tutorial on how to download the WeChat app a quick read first.

When using WeChat, there is a main menu that always runs along the bottom of your screen. Your tap-able options are ChatsContactsDiscoverand Me. Use these functions to navigate through WeChat as you follow our tutorial. Adding contacts is the first step to using WeChat as your go-to messenger.

When you sign up for WeChat, the app will ask if you want to import the contacts from your mobile device. If you want to give the app permission to do this, tap Allow. However, you can also manually add contacts in a variety of ways. From the main screen, tap the Contacts menu.

To scan a QR code, tap Contacts on the menu. A window will appear on your screen with an image of a frame, and a green line will move slowly down the frame. Your camera will adjust to put their code in focus, and then show you their name on another screen when WeChat identifies them.

Tap their name, and then tap Add to add them to your contacts. Alternatively, you can also complete this process by tapping Discover on the menu, and then tapping Scan QR Code. To make your QR code appear to other users so they can add you, tap Meand tap the small QR icon beside your name. One way to do this is by adding tags to their name. In the Contacts menu, tap the Tags box.

Then tap Create Tag to start a new tag. You may also tap multiple names to apply to tag to multiple contacts.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities.

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Learn more Explore this Article Steps. Related Articles. This wikiHow teaches you how to send music from your Android to a WeChat contact.

wechat music shake

Navigate to the Music folder. Tap and hold the song you want to share. You can lift your finger once you see additional icons appear at the bottom or top of the screen. Tap WeChat Favorites. Now that the song is added to your WeChat Favorites, you can send it to whomever you wish. Open WeChat.

Tap Me. Tap and hold the song you want to send. A pop-up menu will appear. Tap Forward.I became pretty adept at using these or more like obsessed with them because they have so many amazing features and are so multi-functional! It takes a little bit more effort for me to check my American social media apps now. You can do anything with this bad boy. The basics of course — sharing photos, videos, music, sending messages, and following official accounts and celebrities.

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Check out some of the coolest and most useful features of WeChat. In America I can count on one hand the amount of times I used voice messaging has this changed since I left? In China I use it approximately a hundred times a day — way more often than text messaging. It was strange to get used to at first because I felt like I was talking to myself and thought other people would stare at me for doing this in public! You can leave up to a 60 second voice message.

I also use WeChat for video calling. When I talk to my family back home, we always use this. Yes, I made several arguments to convince my family and some friends to make WeChat accounts. About half of them actually did it. These are basically customizable Emojis and GIFs. WeChat makes it so easy to find stickers and send them to friends. You can keep a library of stickers, but you can always trade them in for other stickers, download new collections, or find new ones from your friends.

There are also so many apps where you can create your own stickers — my Chinese friends love doing this. My students used to send these around about all of us foreign teachers. I have a diverse sticker library built up from the last few years of students sending me weird things.

Shaking it up with WeChat

Online paying through WeChat is the best thing. First you need to connect your bank card to your WeChat. Then when you go to a restaurant or shop you will either scan the their QR code or they will scan yours, and then you transfer the money directly to them. You can use WeChat pay for everything — from buying things online on Taobao to buying train tickets.

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Traditionally people exchange Red Packets when visiting family and friends during Chinese New Year or other holidays, and WeChat has made this even easier by letting you do this online. WeChat also has other cool paying features — if you go to dinner with a group of friends, one person can pay and then create a Split Bill.

Everyone in the group will pay the same amount back to them. You never have an excuse to be lost with WeChat! You can also use the real time location function to see where you and your friend both are on a map. They might be anything from class groups to discuss assignments, friend group chats for planning a party, group chats for events going on in Guangzhou, or help finding an apartment or job in China.

WeChat partners with several outside apps to make more functions even easier. Check these out:. You can pay your utilities or phone bill. Buy movie tickets and train tickets. Book a hotel.

Order a taxi.

wechat music shake

Use Chinese Group Buy basically Groupon. Shake: Wanna meet a new friend or go on a blind date? Go to the shake function and literally shake your phone. WeRun: There are lots of games and extra fun features like WeRun.

Wechat music shake